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protea arrangements

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About Ranch of the Golden Hawk's Protea Flowers

Native primarily to Australia and the mountains of South Africa, Protea flowers have been an acclaimed tourist attraction and national symbol in their homelands for more than a century. Golden Hawk Protea, nestled in a remote scenic valley of the Santa Barbara coastal mountains, is perfectly situated in climate, topography and soils to recreate the optimum conditions for producing these spectacular and highly sought after flowers.

Well into our third decade of cultivating the magnificent and fascinating Protea, our horticultural practices result in the finest quality of blooms, stem length, foliage and variety. The attention we give to each plant produces flowers with full and vibrant color, long stems and perfect foliage. In achieving this quality we never use chemicals or practices deemed harmful to the environment.

Our Protea are harvested for each specific order and shipped the same day. Each Golden Hawk Protea flower arrangement contains an assortment of select, organically grown Protea flowers and foliage, artfully arranged and packed with care and pride. Send a Protea flower arrangement, to arrive within 48 hours of being cut, in a custom box including flower food, instructions for maintaining freshness and a personalized greeting card. The flowers are arranged so that, upon delivery, simply remove the rubber band and place the flower arrangement in a vase of choice. Vase not included.

The unrivaled variety of Golden Hawk Protea blooms and foliage guarantees an ever-changing succession of spectacular color, shape and texture throughout the flower season, from September 1 st through May 31 st. Golden Hawk Protea flower arrangements are available in 3 sizes of 6, 8 or 10 Protea blooms, selected from stunning varieties of Protea, Pincushion, Banksia and the spectacular Waratah, surrounded with an abundance of Leucadendron, delicate Serruria, Dryandra, Phylica, Erica and other filler, mass and foliage.

With their exotic look, stunning color and timeless, long lasting beauty, Golden Hawk Protea flower arrangements are the perfect solution for:

  • Flower arrangements for decorating your home or office
  • Sending flowers for a corporate or holiday gift
  • Flowers delivered just to say you care

Care & Handling

Every individual order includes detailed care and handling information, a 3 week supply of flower food to prolong freshness and beauty. For the longest vase life we recommend cutting ˝ inch from each stem just prior to placing the arrangement into a solution of 1 packet of flower food (provided) mixed with fresh water. The fresh water solution should be refreshed and the flower stems trimmed at 3 to 4 day intervals.

Vase Life

Following the care instructions, these spectacular Protea arrangements will provide 2 to 3 weeks of fresh and colorful visual pleasure. This incredible vase life, combined with direct shipment from Golden Hawk Protea, means a Protea flower arrangement from Golden Hawk Protea is a tremendous value considering that most other flower arrangements are several days old when shipped and last just a few days after arrival. When the flowers finally lose their freshness, they may be left in the vase without water to dry for an enduring dried flower arrangement.

How to Dry Protea Flowers

  • Store the flowers upright to allow them to open in a dark, well ventilated location;
  • Leave the flowers for 2 to 3 weeks, letting the colors change hue;
  • Rearrange the flowers to create a rewarding display of lasting beauty.

Some varieties of Protea can last a lifetime. According to Pacific Horticulture magazine,

“Protea are the world’s finest dried flowers.”


Protea Pincussion Leucadendron Special Varieties


A cut above, nothing has more impact than a stunning & timeless Protea Flower Arrangement from Golden Hawk Protea.

protea flowers

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